Get Your Products Where They Need to Go

Get Your Products Where They Need to Go


You don't need a full truckload of freight to get professional shipping services. TForce Worldwide Grand Rapids provides domestic less-than-truckload shipping to all fifty states. If you need to ship a few pallets, crates or boxes, we'll make sure they get to their destination safely and promptly.

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Improving our services with tailored technology

Even if you aren't shipping a large amount of freight, you still deserve exceptional service and affordable rates. We use TForce Connect to optimize our LTL freight services. With this technology, we can:

  • Ensure timely shipping and reliable service
  • Offer exceptional pricing options for LTL freight
  • Track your shipment while in-transit

With technology at the core of our shipping practices, we'll make sure your shipment is tracked throughout its transit. Reach out to us today if you're interested in our less-than-truckload shipping technology.